Post by Arde » Mon, 05 Mar 2001 16:59:51

Where can I get the latest version of ISSCAN.EXE or any substitute with it?
My copy of ISSCAN.EXE was included with the Post SP3 fix, but would not run
with Exchange Server 5.5 due to incorrect version.

1. isscan utility

Hi !
I've tried to run isscan utility on MS Exchange 5.5 SP4  
but the following error message has been
displayed: "ecBadVersion". As I understand, this is because
the isscan utility is incompatible with store.exe
I have isscan utility version 5.5.2652.26. I also tried
with isscan version 5.5.2593.0 but I received the same
Any idea? Where can I get the correct version of isscan
Best regards

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