How to send message through Exchange from inside CGI script

How to send message through Exchange from inside CGI script

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    The title says my question.

    Thanks in advance.


1. Sending Mail via CGI Script with Exchange 2000

Hi gang,

I'm a first time poster so don't beat up on me too bad.


I'm currently running ActiveState Perl v5.6.1.626 on a Windows2000 box with
Exchange 2000. Seeing as though I'm not the worlds best Perl scripter, I grabbed
a free HTML form to email script (Form2Mail) for a few web form pages I'm working
on. When I use the same script on an Exchange 5.5 Win2K box it works fine and the
output of the test email is as follows.

D:\>perl %pathtoscript%\cgi-bin\
Commandline mode. Answers in brackets are default values.
Do you wish to send a test email? ([y]/n) y

Ok, trying to connect...
Resolving hostname for 192.168.XXX.XXX...ok
SMTP session initiated. Debug mode is on.
Check D:\logs\F2Merror.log for details of session.
Mail transmitted.


However, when I use this same script on the box with Exchange 2000 on it, the
script hangs just before the "Mail transmitted." output is displayed on the
screen. And of course, the mail is never sent to the specified mailbox on the
Exchange 2000 server. The script never writes an event into it's log, so my first
guess is the SMTP implementation on 2000. Am I missing something with configuring
the SMTP connector?

Oh and if anyone has a better/easier way to accomplish my task, I'm all ears!

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Guy Goodenough

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