outlook offline folder synchronization...

outlook offline folder synchronization...

Post by Jeremy Grave » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:58:56

I am having problems getting a users laptop to synchronize
the offline folders established between OUTLOOK 2002 and
Exchange Server 2000.  The user shouldn't manually have to
synchronize these folders before leaving.

  How can I automate the synchronization process for the
user before he leaves and upon his return to the office?

  Example problem:  User receives a new message and closes
OUTLOOK to leave for home.  Powers down his system and
goes home to his wireless network.  At home he opens
outlook and must wait for the client to tell him that the
Exchange Server is unavailable.  The he chooses work
offline.  The messages he received before leaving the
office aren't in his inbox.

  Where are they hiding because upon his return to the
office he finds his missing messages.  This is also
occuring with the users calendar, notes and other folders
in OL2002.

Help a Baffled IT Guy

Jeremy Graves


1. Failed synchronization with offline folder in Outlook 97

My name is Constantin
I've met with the following problem

I have a notebook with MS Exchange 5.0 installed as mail client and Outlook
The profile has off-line file configured.

When I try to synchronize server-based containers with off-line file the
Error message appears "Synchronization failed ...". Or something like that.

Log file in the Deleted Items container reads:
1) Error Synchronizing folder
2) [800401F-501-0-521]
3) The client operation failed
4) Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store

When I tried to configure the same user profile (for the same mailbox) on
another machine (desktop) the process finished normally (without error

If you encountered similar problem and know how to manage it I'll be very
pleased to here from you.

Thank you in advance

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