OWA Multi-language Issue

OWA Multi-language Issue

Post by David Wan » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 08:10:36

We are running Exchange 2000 Server on Win2000 Server, all
with latest service pack.

When I tried to send chinese email from OWA, it always was
encoded as UTF-8 and can not be read by my chinese clients
using GB2312. However I can read any incoming emails no
matter they are UTF-8 or GB2312 format.

How to configure to enable my OWA to send emails with
GB2312 message format?



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BlankHi everyone

My company is currently running a single machine with Windows NT 4SP6 and
Exchange 5.5SP3 US English version. The server is supporting our remote
users that are running Japanese, Korean, Thai, Traditional and Simplified
Chinese OS and Office as they are distributed across 10 countries. We
received a few complaints lately.

1. Our customers runnning Simplified Chinese OS are complaining that they
cannot read the mails sent by our English OS users as it display funny

2. When I try to open the mailbox belonging to users that are running other
languages OS from my machine (I'm running on English OS), it shows:
            ?? - username    instead of    mailbox - username .

3. How can I make my Exchange server support all the languages my users are
using? Is there any place I can download the user templates for these

Thanks for any help provided

Geoffrey Lem
CIS Manager

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