Problems with outcmd.dat

Problems with outcmd.dat

Post by Isto V?is?ne » Sat, 24 Jul 1999 04:00:00


we have a problem with some of our Outlook98 clients. When writing a new
message the toolbar is missing. It can be fixed by first exiting from
Outlook and then deleting the outcmd.dat file, but what causes this

Isto V?is?nen


1. Problems creating same-dat appointment

Hello all,
I've got an application working on an ASP that will allow people to create
appointments. The need has come up to be able to allow users to input an
appointment so that it is within the same day (up to now they have been
multiple days long). I've run into the problem, where I get a Type mismatch
error with the code below:

 if (chkSameDay.getChecked()) then
  newappt.alldayevent = FALSE
  newappt.starttime = cdate (StartDate.value & " " & StartTime.value)
Response.Write "startdone... Errors:<br>" & err.description
  newappt.endtime = cdate(EndDate.value & " " & EndTime.value)
Response.Write "enddone... Errors:<br>" & err.description
  newappt.alldayevent = TRUE
  newappt.starttime = CDate(StartDate.value)
  newappt.endtime = CDate(EndDate.value)+1
 end if

If I change the line that sets the endtime over to (just take out the date
and specify time only):
  newappt.endtime = cdate(EndTime.value)
I do not get an error but it also does not create the appointment item.

The data going in is starttime of 05/26/00, endtime of same, start time of
07:30 am and endtime of 4:30 pm.

Any help would be greatly appceciated.


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