Outlook and Exchange 5.5 connectivty

Outlook and Exchange 5.5 connectivty

Post by Gordy Becke » Tue, 22 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Here is a explaination of the network and the problem. Have tried everything
we can think of.
Thanks in advance,

Old System
100 Mbps switched network

MS Mail on Netware 3.12 396/33 processor
175 users

RAS server under NT 4.0 SP4
Dual Pentium 66/228MB memory with (2) USR V.90 modems
Other than RAS, runs only file & print
servers for about 15 users.

Mobile Exchange and Outlook clients use dial-up
networking to get mail.

System worked very well. Everyone liked it.

New System
Exchange Server 5.5/SP3 under NT 4.0/SP4 running on
Compaq ProLiant 600 Dual Pentium 200 w/128MB memory.
Directory on same disk as system/boot partition mirrored
with NT. Information stores on hardware RAID5 (compaq
3200 array controller)

Runs services for MacIntosh. Nothing else except file
and print services.

Same RAS server. Get connections anywhere from 28kbps
to 33.6kbps.

Mobile Outlook and Exchage clients now use offline folders.
Clients complain about speed. Sometimes fine.
Sometimes client just runs very very very slow.
Sometimes slows until stops responding.

Other dial-up networking functions such as copying
files seem to work fine.


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I have to Exchange 5.5 servers on Win2000 running in to
differnt locations that are connected as one Exchange site
via a corporate IP backbone network that is outsourced to
a telco. Since yesterday night the two servers don't talk
to each other anymore.
The telco tells me that they changed the setting of one of
the routers on the way and blocked port 135 (which is as I
understand how two exchange servers communicate). They
have unblocked the port now but confirmed that traffic on
port 135 still doesn't go through and they are working on
As I'm not too confident in this being fixed fast I wonder
if somebody has any experience for a quick solution to get
the two exchange servers to talk not using port 135. All
other conncectivity between my two locations seems to work.



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