Public folder "operation failed" when user creates new item

Public folder "operation failed" when user creates new item

Post by Andr » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 06:42:42

I set up a customer with a custom Outlook contact management and
project management solution about a year ago. They have had this
ongoing issue and even an upgrade to Exchange 2000 didn't solve it as
I was hoping it might. This customer has a person taking care of thier
IT stuff, but I work for another network consultant that provides
custom Outlook solutions. Thier IT person is stumped and I told them I
would try to troubleshoot the issue and post it in the newsgroups,
even though it doesn't seem to be caused by the custom solution. I
just happen to know more about using Outlook than anybody else they
know and said I would see what could be found out.

I'm also going to post this in an Outlook newsgroup.

Here are the environment details per the IT person:
Outlook 2000 CW
Exchange Server 2000 mixed mode, service pack 3
Windows 2000 SBS, service pack 3
Intel 2.4 ghz P4, 512 mb ram

Perhaps someone could look at this issue and provide some insight or
Thanks so much!
Andrea Kalli

When a user creates a new item in Contact public folder, it causes
Outlook to produce error "operation failed", then Outlook will only
display a reduced number of contact records and if the user tries to
scroll to the other letters in the alphabet they get the "operation
failed" error.  All users then need to exit out of Outlook and reopen
to see all contact records in the folder. Same issue happens in the
Project public folder, only it does NOT produce the error, but WILL
only show users a reduced number of project records. Project items are
in a contact folder and using a custom contact form for projects.
a) this issue seems to only affect card style views, such as Database
by Company Name and Database by Primary Contact (custom card style
views). When I went to the view "by Business Type" (a custom table
style view) I could see all the records and open whatever records I
wanted. When in the card style view, I could use the Find feature to
locate and open any record even though Outlook would not display it in
the information viewer window pane. I could also create new records at
this time without a problem.
b) The number of items in the folder is approx 700, lets say it says
"721 items". Once Outlook displays the error message the Outlook
status bar will say "21 items", instead of "721 items". Each time a
new record gets added, users get the error message and the status bar
will change from "722 items" to "22 items". I don't think this is a
coincidence. I deleted the "Database by Company Name" view and
recreated it, to see if the view caused the problem. Since the other
card style view was also affected I don't believe the views to be a
cause, but the card style views are the only ones affected by the
issue of displaying the reduced number of items in the information
viewer window pane.
c) The issue does NOT seem to be related to the type of contact form
used. In other words, it didn't matter if the user created the new
contact record with the custom contact form or the default contact
form (because I tested both), the error was still produced and the
user can only see the reduced number of contact records and would need
to exit out of Outlook and reopen it to view all the records. To me
that eliminates the custom form as the cause of the issue.

-issue not caused by custom forms
-issue affects card style views from displaying all records
-issue caused when any user creates a new record with any form,
default or custom
-could not recreate the issue in public folders that had only a couple
of items in them. The issue could be recreated in public folders that
would not normally display all items in a single window. May just be a


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