Prompted for client credentials

Prompted for client credentials

Post by Mick » Thu, 07 Feb 2002 14:20:15

We just upgraded to SBS 2000 and some users are getting prompted, somewhat
randomly, for their credentials when either opening outlook, OR when
switching to a different folder in outlook. It pops up with the 'user,
password, domain' dialog, and tells them that the credentials are wrong.
They have to reboot and go back in in order to connect correctly. Any ideas
on this? Thanks.



1. Outlook98 Clients Prompted for Credentials

Environment:  Exchange 5.5 SP4 in a multisite spanning

"Out of the blue" my Outlook98 clients are being prompted
for Username, domain, password 4 times when Outlook98
opens.  After 4 unsuccessful logon attempts (or simply
clicking cancel) the clients are allowed access to their
email without any apparent problems.  This isn't occuring
on any of the Outlook2K/XP clients.... an no matter which
local domain logon information is supplied, nothing works -
- not the user, not the administrator, not even the
Exchange service account.  I believe the problem is that
the clients are trying to authenticate against a remote
site's server for Public folder access (which would
explain why no local domain account succeeds in
authenticating), but I do not see where I can make any
modifications.  I do not have public folder affinity set
to any public folders because public folders aren't really
used by our site.

1) Domain environment and all users are successfully
logged onto the domain.
2) Password authentication is set on the clients
3) No local domain account works
4) This problem does not occur on the PDC of the local
domain although that machine is running Outlook 98.

I'm stumped... any suggestions would be appreciated.

Chad Eymard, MCSE

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