Leaving SMTP Mail on the server

Leaving SMTP Mail on the server

Post by Adolfo Santiag » Fri, 25 Jul 1997 04:00:00

 How can I tell the Windows Messaging (aka Exchange) client to NOT delete
Internet mail it retrieves?  I have the latest versions of the client and
Internet Service.

Adolfo Santiago
Homebrewer, Computer Programmer


1. Outbound SMTP Mail Never Leaves Microsoft Exchange Server

E-mail messages to certain mail hosts remain stuck in the IMS out-bound queue.
The details state *host unreachable*.

I have applied Exchange SP4 and the problem persists.  Internal and external DNS
servers are online and functioning properly.  Until recently, the server has
functioned properly Any ideas?

Exchange 5.5 w/ SP4
NT Server 4.0 w/ SP6


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