Schedule+ error message

Schedule+ error message

Post by Anthony Carte » Thu, 01 May 1997 04:00:00

I am getting an error message when I launch Schedule+ under NT 4.0.  The
message reads...'A problem occured initializing Microsoft Schedule+ .DLL
which prevents MS Schedule+ from running.  You may need to reinstall
Schedule+ was installed with MS Messaging.

I have reinstalled three times with no luck. Please e-mail me with any
suggestions.  Thanks

Anthony Carter


1. Unable to update free/busy schedule Error (outlook 2000 error message)

i had my server crash over the weekend.  the database was inconsistent for
priv and pub .edb files.  i fixed this with minor problems, but now,
serveral not
all users get this Error: Unable to update free/busy schedule.  I have this
solution from
microsoft.  I did this, and still have the same problem.  anyone else see
this before?

To resolve this problem:
At the Exchange Server computer, start the Exchange Server Administrator
Click to expand Folders

  1.. Click to expand System Folders.
  2.. Click to expand Schedule+ Free/Busy.
  3.. Click the folder for the server or site that is in question, and on
the File menu, click Properties.
  4.. Click the General tab, and then click Client Permissions.
  5.. Under Default, click Role of Editor, and then click OK.
  6.. Click OK.
BUT, my users are still getting this error.  any help and i would be great

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