OWA 2002 read icon displays as unread

OWA 2002 read icon displays as unread

Post by John Schroede » Thu, 13 Feb 2003 06:35:19

Unread messages display in the folder view with a closed envelope icon
(icon-msg-unread.gif in c:\program files\exchsrvr\exchweb\img).  Read
messages also display with the closed envelope, instead of the opened
envelope icon (icon-msg-read.gif).  Is there any way to change this behavior
so that the appropriate icon is displayed when the message has been read?
This would be more consistent with the way Outlook handles the folder view.

John F. Schroeder
College of Charleston


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we have installed Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition,
in the first hours owa works fine in the internal network
but not doesn't work anymore it can't display items and
folders i have also checked the anonymous permission and
everything looks good where should the problem be?

best reards

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