Outlook "group by" no longer works

Outlook "group by" no longer works

Post by Adrian Ro » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00


We are running SBS Exchange Server 5.0 with Outlook 97 clients. We can no
longer use the "group by" function in any view. Outlook simply returns no
items in a list no matter what field you group by. Clearing any grouping
returns the complete list of items. We can still sort etc. but grouping
simply refuses to work!

Clients CAN use the grouping function when using off-line/personal or
public folders so perhaps this is an Exchange Server problem ? I have
tried rebooting the server but this does not solve the problem.

Any ideas appreciated.

Adrian Roe


1. "Mail on Demand" not working (long)

First a brief overview, then the questions...

I'm having some major trouble trying to configure a client's Exchange Server
to dial up and receive email, then distribute it across the network (as
described at www.swinc.com )  First of all, I don't know much about Exchange
Server (so I'm not going to pretend I do).  They came to me for help because
I provide them with hosting services which includes SMTP service.

Here's the facts first:

1. Client has hosting services through me (reseller for VERIO) and internet
access through SERVTECH (subsidiary of VERIO).
2. Currently, each computer on the network connects to the internet through
the proxy and downloads email via each users client email software.
3. The client wants his Exchange Server to download all email and then
distribute it through the network automatcally.
4. The client has a dedicated IP address AND domain through SERVTECH
5.  VERIO provides an SMTP service with the hosting service which handles

6. SERVTECH also provides email service but the client wishes to use

7. VERIO has modifed the MX numbers so that the SMTP server first tries to
send all email to ###.syr.servtech.com  If it doesn't go through (if
Exchange isn't connected), it queues the mail and waits for Exchange to ask
for it.

Here's the questions:

1. www.swinc.com says that Exchange Server should NOT be set up to pull mail
from a POP account?  What is the best way to set up Exchange Server so that

Server will automatically connect, recieve and distribute the email to the
appropriate users?

**** That's the main question ****

2. I can't tell if VERIO's SMTP service will disregard the POP accounts I've
created and just queue all mail until Exchange asks for it?  They use
Apache, if it matters. (I'm getting terrible support from VERIO, that's why
I'm asking)

3. What would cause sendmail to timeout trying to send the email to
###.syr.servtech.com?  Should the hostname and domain be set to anything
SPECIFIC on Exchange Server for this setup to work?

4. Could you point me to any reference that may guide me in setting up
Exchange Server for the client?


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