Outlook credentials not saving?

Outlook credentials not saving?

Post by <scott.dan.. » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 00:52:28

How do you get Outlook to retain the domain name and user
name when opening outlook? I remember running across this
a few years ago. I think all I had to do was add the
subkey of "Exchange" somewhere in the registry.
Thank you for any info.

1. Save password setting not saved for e-mail accounts

I have recently upgraded to Windows XP and am running
Office XP.  Oulook was working fine at first but recently
every time when I start Outlook it requires the password
for each of my e-mail accounts even though I have chosen
to save the password.  

I have reviewed the Microsoft Knowledge Base and found
Article 290684 which appears to deal with this issue.  
Whilst it does not provide a resolution specifically for
Windows XP, the solutions for Windows 98,  NT4.0 and 2000
all seem similar and I have followed them in as much as I
have deleted the individual user subkey folder, restarted
and entered the password for each account before starting

Unfortunately Outlook still does not remember the

Any suggestions on resolving this matter would be

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