Outlook giving script errors on outlook today

Outlook giving script errors on outlook today

Post by John Eddy [MS » Mon, 12 Aug 2002 07:09:33

Quote:> I understand where you're coming from, but I pay for a
> cable connection, which is a very fast connection. I use
> that fast connection to connect to a very fast newsgroup
> server. All of this infrastructure was designed for fast
> lookup of information and issue resolution, and while I
> understand that there are a lot of people still on dialup,
> there are a lot who are not. What you're essentially
> asking people to do is stay in the slow lane when there's
> plenty of room in the fast lane. I understand this may
> seem callous and uncaring, but it's really a matter of
> utilizing the technology in place to it's fullest
> capability.


But, on the other hand, NNTP is not designed for binary transfer of
files.  It is designed as a text only system and a method of transfering
a binary payload is not what it was designed for.  General usenet
etiquette is to leave binary attachments to the binaries newsgroups.

For what its worth, I'm on a fast connection that I pay for.  I don't
post attachments and I don't generally read posts that have them.  If
you want to utilize the technology in place to its fullest advantage,
then I'd recommend using the very fast connection you are paying for to
host a web server where you can post your attachments and have a url
pointing to them.

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