Exchange with NT Workstation 4.0

Exchange with NT Workstation 4.0

Post by Chris Moor » Tue, 10 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi All,

I am trying to install the Exchange Client 5.0 that is bundled with
Exchange Server 5.0
on a NT Workstation 4.0 PC with SP 1 installed.  I did not have any
trouble installing
the Win95 version on the Win95 PC's, but I am with NT.

After I install the Exchange client I receive an error message:

The procedure entry point WNetCachePassword could not be loaded in the
link library MPR.dll.

Do I need a different SP?  Thanks in advance for any help you can give



1. Exchange and NT Workstation 4.0

We recently rolled out exchange 4.0.  All of our clients work fine except
we are having problems w/ one NT 4.0 workstation SP1.  The client installs
fine, and it runs until you set up a profile.  As soon as you set up the
profile exchange hangs as you start it and if you try to edit the profile
(i.e. check name).  You can kill it in the task manager and keep working.

It does work fine on other NT 4.0 workstations!  

Any ideas??  

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