MS Exchange Client for Macintosh says NT Exchange server is unavailable

MS Exchange Client for Macintosh says NT Exchange server is unavailable

Post by Robert O'Connel » Tue, 07 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I can't get Mac to talk to Exchange Server at all using OT 1.1 TCP/IP.
Please let me know how you resolve your crisis.

Also, I can use only Apple Talk for file sharing with NT Services for Mac.
Will upgrade to OT 1.1.2 help?
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> We installed the Microsoft Exchange Client for Macintosh application v.
4.0 on
> a Power Macintosh running under System 7.5.5 and Open Transport 1.1.2
using the
> TCP/IP protocol (not AppleTalk).  However, we can't get it to read mail
> the Exchange server (SP2) running on Windows NT 4.0.

> We can ping the server IP address OK.  In the Microsoft Exchange Server
> properties, we can enter the server name and the user mailbox name and
push the
> "Check Name" button, and it seems to find the mailbox just fine, because
> changes the server and mailbox names from the aliases to the full names
> underlines them.  This same user mailbox works just fine from a Windows
> Exchange client.

> However, when we start the client application, a dialog box error is
> saying:

>     "Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.

>     "You can retry connecting to the server using the network, or work
>     offline and connect using dial-up networking.

>     "Network problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft
>     Exchange Server computer.  Contact your system administrator if this
>     condition persists."

> The client then continues and gets other dialog error messages indicating
> the server mail folders are not accessible.

> Any ideas on what is wrong?

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