Creating Public Folder in Exchange 5.5

Creating Public Folder in Exchange 5.5

Post by stev » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 20:50:45


My office receives application updates via email. The
problem is that since multiple people see the updates no
one is sure who applied it or not. My solution to this is
to create a public folder so that emails from certain
accounts and/or lists are redirected to that folder. Once
an update in that email is applied it can be deleted by the
person who applied it. My question is how do I do that in
Exchange 5.5? My users are using Outlook 2000 as the client
as well. Thanks in advance.


1. Folders created under public folders in exchange 5.5

I created some folders under the public folder in exchange and gave permissions
(both NT and exchange) to clients in another domain that is connected to this
domain via a trust. The users on the local domain can access the folders without
and problem. The users in the trusted domain can see them but when they click on
the folder they get "unable to display the folder, the contents of this folder
are currently unavailable. Either the ms exchange server servicing this public
folder is down or the public folder has not been replicated to this site." I have
replication turned on and it seems to be working. Has anyone had this problem and
if so what did you do to fix it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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