Offline Address book doesn't update

Offline Address book doesn't update

Post by Larry Keye » Tue, 04 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Here's a good one.  

I've got several WIN '95 clients who log in via modem DUN to a RAS
server. They are members of that servers domain, and have user accounts
on that server which is also the Exchange server.

This server (let's call it 'A') also has RAS connections via the RAS
Connector to servers B & C.

Local users to the A server can see the users in B & C in the global
address list.  Local users at B & C can see everybody as well.

However, the DUN clients can't see the users in the global address list
who are users at B & C. (The DUN clients see each other...and they also
see local members of Server A).  

So...the replication between all servers is working, but when the
offline address book is created, some piece is missing from what the DUN
clients get. We know that we *can* send to a user at B as long as we
are  replying to  a message that that user sent to us.  

What gives?  This is with Win '95 client SVP 3.  


-- Larry


1. Offline address book doesn't contain entire Global Address Book

Underneath the "Configuration" container, is the "DS Site Configuration"
This object has a "OffLine Address book" tab which will allow you to change
the container the Offline Address Book is generated from.  make sure your
Offline Address book is generated from the GAL.

You can also generate the Offline GAL immediately from a button.


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