When changing Meeting times the change takes then reverts to the old time

When changing Meeting times the change takes then reverts to the old time

Post by vnvnv » Wed, 13 Sep 2000 10:09:02

Exchange 5.5 SP3.

Admin Asst Laura has rights to Mike's mailbox.  Both of their boxes have the
same time and correct time zone.  When either one makes a Meeting Request,
everything works fine.  Problem: when Mike changes the meeting time, the
change goes through, but then shortly reverts to the original time.  When
Laura tries to correct it "things get worse" (I don't know what this means,
but it's worth a giggle).

Any hints?

Thanks for your time.


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Hello all.  I have a user running Outlook 2000 (SP1) on Windows 2000 (SP2).
Our server is Exchange 5.5 (SP4).  Whenever this user accepts a meeting
invitation, the meeting is put in his local calendar for the time he
accepted it, and not the time it was scheduled for.  If i send him a meeting
request for Friday at noon, when he accepts it shows up in his calendar as
the exact date and time he accepted it instead of Friday at noon.

This is very strange.  Has anyone seen this before??

Thanks in advance.

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