sending internet email from remote location using Exchange

sending internet email from remote location using Exchange

Post by John Grave » Sat, 17 Mar 2001 08:08:41

I have some remote users that dial into the server using a ras connection.  They
can access their internal mail and receive internet mail successfully.  But,
internet mail sent from the remote computer does not work as it would if it were
a lan connection.  I can ping the exchange server, dsl router, firewall
successfully.  The DNS is setup accordingly unless I missed something.  Any ideas?

1. How to check for mails using exchange in remote location

I would like to know how to check for emails, from a remote location.

In other words, if I m not on the LAN and I m at home, using a dial up
account, How would I be able to check the mails?
I know that outlook requires a login in authentiction for exchange server

Let me know as to how to do this please.


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