OWA Emails With HTML In Them

OWA Emails With HTML In Them

Post by JJ Johann » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 03:32:21

When someone who uses Outlook Web Access to reply to or forward an
email that contains html that html is converted? to text.  This causes
an issue with some reports that use table, tr, and td.  Is there way
to get owa not to do this?

JJ Johannes


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Does anyone know why I can receive an HTML formated message from an
Exchange(5.5 SP3)server, but when I try to forward that same message
to say an ATT account it always is received as plain text? Yet the ATT
account does accept HTML formated email. I don't think this is caused
by the client side (Outlook 2002)as Iv'e checked the settings and they
are correct. Is there a setting within Exchange? Any help would be

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