Win 16 Roving Users HELP!!!

Win 16 Roving Users HELP!!!

Post by Lutz Muelle » Fri, 06 Dec 1996 04:00:00

You have to add in WIN.INI the following Lines:
ProfileDirectory16=<Path to HomeDirectory>

This allows you to have a separate ExchangeProfile for every User.
You can include this lines also in SETUP.STF File and the User gets this
automatically when he installs Exchange.

Also change the DEFAULT.PRF File on the Server
Add the following Lines to this File:
MailBoxName="Write _Your_MEMOID_Here"

Hope this helps

Lutz Mller
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Quote:> Hello,

> Please give me a hint about my problem!  I want to setup a Win 3.1
> computer that my users can use to access their Exchange mail and
> schedule.  I have installed Windows on the computer, and I have
> installed a shared copy of the Exchange Win 16 client.  The software
> runs OK and asks for the user information.

> The problem is, it always uses the identity of the first user, even if a
> second user is logged in.  How do I get Exchange to use the logged in
> user, instead of the name in the first user?

> Your help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Frank


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