Outlook Via PPTP connect Exchange Porblmes

Outlook Via PPTP connect Exchange Porblmes

Post by Jackie Won » Wed, 09 Oct 2002 17:29:09

 A outlook 2000 user send message will with give error message as Remote was
unable to open a message for submission on the serverNetwork problems are
preventing connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer.

How can fix it this problems.

Jackie Wong


1. Can't connect via PPTP

I am running ES 5.5 sp3 on a W2K server, which I am attempting to access
from a W2k Pro machine from home,  through a NT 4.0 sp6 Proxy/RAS server.

I am able to connect via PPTP to the Proxy server (able to access any
computer on the domain, including the ES Server), but when I try to "check
name" on the Exchange connection, using the internal IP address as the
Exchange Server, I am prompted for my logon name, domain and password.

But when I put these in, I get a message that my "logon credentials are not

I know the logon, domain and password are correct.

Anyone got an idea ?


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