Offline Address Book - ERROR - while sincronizing Outook Adress Book Offilene

Offline Address Book - ERROR - while sincronizing Outook Adress Book Offilene

Post by Luid » Thu, 14 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I have a serious , I think , problem...

I have 7 exchange server linked at a WAN ( 2 MBPS ) , and my address book
homed at one server ...

Allways all users sincronize their address book ... but now there is a
when they choose to sinchronize outlook adress book ... one message appears
...its graphic but I write it here : "
"  An error ocurred while opening the microsoft Exchange offline Adress book
files on the microsoft exchange server. See your administrator "
After this :
"  Unable to download the offiline adress book. The microsoft exchange
Address book could not be accessed. "

At the event viewr one message error :

The description for Event ID ( 5004 ) in Source ( MSExchangeSA ) could not
be found. It contains the following insertion string(s): The Microsoft
Exchange Server computer is not available. Either there are network problems
or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down for maintenance. Microsoft
Exchange Server Information Store ID no: 8004011d-0526-00000000.

But allways when I see other messages at event viewer :  " Generation of the
offline Address Book is complete. Result: The operation has completed
successfully. "

If I change the address book home server to nother it can be ok ???



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I am getting an error when trying to generate the Offline Address book in
Exchange Admin.  It appears of if it has been removed.

I moved all my mailboxes to a new server.  I also had the new server
replicate all the public folder info from the old server.  Once replicated I
removed the replicas from the old server.  I believe the OAB did not
replicate over and now I cannot generate it from either of the servers, nor
can i download it from the client.

The Event ID and error I am getting is very general and cannot be found in

"EVENT ID: 5004
Generation of the offline Address Book is complete. Result: An error
occurred. "

IS there any way to make this again?  Please say yes.

Thanks in advance.

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