System preferred pages

System preferred pages

Post by Rich Matheis » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

>From time to time, i receive the following message from Exchange Server (in
>Event Viewer): "...system preferred pages was changed from xxx to xxx die to
>phisical memory limitations"

>Is it normal, or am I doing something wrong in configuring Exchange?

It's normal for Exchange 5.5 to place this event in the Applications
Log.  Nothing's wrong.

Quote:>Is there a way to have this message disappear, thus resolving the 'problem'?

Probably not. The optimizer program sets a value for the number of
buffers that Exchange *can* use. When Exchange starts it finds that
some of the memory has been used by either the O/S or other
applications or services. It obligingly reduces the number of buffers
it will use and informs you of this action. Exchange 5.5 will adjust
the number of buffers it uses while it's running according to the
memory available for use. If another app wants memory Exchange will
release some buffers. If an app gives up memory then Exchange will
increase the number of buffers for its own use.

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1. System preferred Pages

From time to time I get the following message from Exchange (in event
viewer): System Preferred pages was changed from xxx(numeric value) to xxx
(numeric value) due to physical memory limitations

Is this really a physical limitation (I have only a couple of sites
connected and 128MB of RAM), or is there somethin going wrong with this
configuration that I have?. Is there anything I can do to address the

Thanks in advance

P.S. I would also like to know if I can change the password of the service
account admin and, if I can, what are the consequences and changes that I
have to deal with when I do it

Thanks again

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