Exchange retreive mail from ISP POP account

Exchange retreive mail from ISP POP account

Post by Hanne » Sun, 01 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Exchange does not support pop3 to receive mails from an smtp server.
To retreive mails form a pop3 server you can use ETRN ( if supported) or
third party tools.
We offer such a tool

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Hannes Preishuber
ppedv gmbh

>Is is possible for Exchange to retrieve mail from my ISP POP account, since
>I do not have a full time internet connection.

>Matthew A Shields
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1. Retreiving & Sending POP mail, Exchange 2K

Sorry if this topic has been covered, but I reviewed other posts, and could
not find an answer that worked...

I am hoping to use my Exchange 2000 Enterprise server (SP1) to act as a
go-between, between local users and a series of POP mailboxes hosted on an
external domain. Here is what I am running:

Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2
Exchange 2000 Enterprise SP1
XP clients with Outlook 2002
Active Directory with internal DNS for the local domain, references ISP DNS
for public name resolution. No inbound name resolution from the public

I need the users to be able to read mail that Exchange retrieves from POP
mailboxes, and send via an external SMTP account. Essentially, Exchange
maintains the information, but relies on the externally hosted domain & POP
accounts for the actual send and receive to the Internet.

I have seen references to adding a POP3 connector, but I can not find this
option, the CD does not appear to have this as an add on, and there is no
reference on the MS KB that I can find (I assume it was limited to Exchange
5.5?). I have the Exchange 2000 Pocket
reference, so I have detailed instructions on how to set up seach step, I
just need help to get pointed in the right direction. If possible, please e-
mail me in addition to replying to the group.


Troy Harnish

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