Removing last 5.5 server

Removing last 5.5 server

Post by Jeff » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 03:21:00

I recently went thru a migration from an NT4.0 Exchange
5.5 server to a Win2K Exchange 2000 server. Everything
went pretty well. I installed my exchange 2000 server into
the 5.5 site. I am now ready to remove the last 5.5
exchange server from my site according to the KB article #
316886 . My NT4.0 server has all the Exchange 5.5 services
stopped. I go to the 5.5 administrator program on my
Exchange 2000 box and the old exchange 5.5 server is
grayed out as expected. Question #1 - When I go to delete
the 5.5 server it gives me the message that " There are 7
mailboxes and gateways and they will be deleted. Are you
sure you want to delete without moving the mailboxes.
Everything appears to have migrated fine and the users are
accessing all their data. What exactly is being deleted
here? Is it just the 7 objects on the right of my admin?
Is it going to delete any of the mailboxes,etc. on my 2000
server. I'm just afraid of this screwing up a sucessful
migration. Question # 2  - What am I actually replicating
to my 5.5 server when I go to the next step, which it
states: Locate Active Directory Connection Manager, right-
click the Configuration Connection Agreement (Config_CA),
and then force replication by clicking Replicate Now. All
the services are stopped anyhow on the 5.5 ? I just want
to finalize a sucessful migration. Any insight would be
greatly appreciated.

Removing last 5.5 server

Post by Leif Pederse » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 05:18:28


Regarding the 7 mailboxes - have you looked at hidden recipients on the 5.5

You need to check if there might be some hidden mailboxes that you haven't
migrated. If you look at the 5.5 private information store you will also be
able to see which mailboxes are left (might be antivirus, backup and system
mailboxes which you don't need).

The replication which you should perform as one of the last steps is between
the SRS and the active directory. The SRS is the 5.5 emulation which runs on
the first exchange 2000 server you installed.



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I went to remove our last 5.5 server exactly as per Q284148.

Attempted to use ADC Management Tool to do to perform the final
replication however discovered that the CA had been removed.

The last 5.5 server had already been decomissioned and no longer
exists so it won't allow me to create a new connection agreement with
it (States that the 'Exchange server specified on the connections page
is invalid').

So now this server is but a phantom haunting the System Manager... How
can I get rid of it??

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