Shared Folders

Shared Folders

Post by Mark Gurd » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I learned a little trick with Windows Messaging that might be helpful and
thought I'd share it.

If you use shared folders only the administrators machine can move the
folders from one place to another.  If you right click on the folder , go
to properties, permissions, and then "allow deletions", the other user of
the shared folder can move the folder as well as delete it.

We use several folders such and Active, Waiting and Urgent as headers with
client sub-folders. Allowing deletions allows the other users to move a
folder to Urgent or such.

IF everyone knew this, sorry.

Mark Gurda
Castle Group Health Inc


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Good evening all,
Can anybody answer to this question:
i am using Exchange Server 5.5 SP 3, every day my partner send me e-mail
with attachments (CSV-file) to the public folder's SMTP address (for

public folder on Exchange server 5.5. It is very routine every day to open
the message, save the attachments to the shared folder on another server. Is
it possible to organize automatic proccess of extraction the attachments
from e-mail messages on Exchange server 5.5 and putting it automatically to
the shared folder on another server with the help of Exchange Services tools
(Administration tool) or any another applications, writing for this

Best regards,
Uranayev Nurlan

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