16-bit mail client for Exchange 5.0

16-bit mail client for Exchange 5.0

Post by Rich Matheis » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

>We have installed Exchange 5.0 here at work, and people in the agency
>with W95 are running Outlook 97 with few problems; however, one major
>problem we have encountered is the difficulty of our 486 users in running
>the 16-bit exchange mail client.  The people who have 486-33's with only
>8 MB's of memory cannot run any other programs while exchange mail is
>open without experiencing "insufficient memory" errors.

Apply SP1 to the 16-bit client. There was a known problem with the
EMSABP.DLL that caused this error when there were more than 60 (I
think) object in the hierarchy.

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Sending e-mail will use a connection to a SMTP host. Receiving mail
uses a connection to a POP3 server. These machines needn't be the
same. Also, the "Internet Mail Service" provider has it's own set of
parameters. Check the users parameter values and make sure that the
e-mail addresses are correct. It's quite possible for the "From:" or
"Reply to:" to have an incorrect address, thereby sending the replies
to an entirely different mailbox or even to another server!

Does the person sending the mail receive any notification that the
mail was undeliverable? Is the mail, perhaps, in the user's Exchange
mailbox (you didn't say if your Exchange server also ran IMS)? Have
you checked the user's mailbox property page? Is the E-mail address
associated with the (upper-case) SMTP address correct? Are there
secondary (lower-case) SMTP proxy addresses there too?

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