Two Exchange Servers Won't Communicate

Two Exchange Servers Won't Communicate

Post by Scallic » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 08:13:24


I recently added a second Exchange 2000 server to my domain. I can see both
servers in the Active Directory. However, if I add a user to the new
Exchange 2000 server, I cannot send or receive mail from that account. Any
email sent to the account gets sent back. My question is, how do I get both
servers to communicate with each other? Is there some type of connection
that must be defined? Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated!



1. Two SBSs, one network, exchange server don't communicate

Hi all,
I have two complete installation of SBS on a single network.
Each has it's own server and is connected to the same network.
They run fine and communicate with the outside world just fine (Internet and
The problem that I have is that they cannot send each other mail.

And vice versa.  I'm not sure if I should be looking in the Exchange Server
for a solution or somewhere else.  Does anybody have a similiar situation?
Or any suggestions?
Kevin Brown

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