Managing Exchange 2000 server from XP Pro

Managing Exchange 2000 server from XP Pro

Post by Collide G » Sun, 20 Jan 2002 06:06:32

I cannot install the Exchange Adminstration tools on to my XP pro machine
because it says that I do not have the Adminpak installed. But I am using
beta 3 .NET Adminpak. Is there a fix for this??

1. 2 NICs on XP Pro Client with Exchange 2000 server

I have upgraded two of our 98se clients to XP Pro. One for the Exchange 2000
Server the second for our DLS internet connection. If only the Server NIC is
pluged in Outlook 2000 finds the server and gets the mail. But if both NIC's
are connected and Outlook is started it will not find the server. It seems
that Outlook is looking for the server on the internet? I get an error
message that the Exchange server cannot be found. Can I set the priority of
the network cards somehow?


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