Outook 2K client on Win XP Pro machine Not seeing Exch 5.5

Outook 2K client on Win XP Pro machine Not seeing Exch 5.5

Post by Rob » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 05:18:27

My client has Windows 2000 Server with Exchange 5.5.  PDC is Windows NT 4
sp6a.  Two Workstaions are Win XP Pro running Outlook 2000 client.   All are
currently patched.
The problem I'm having is when I try to configure Mail in control panel I
get an error
stating that it cannot valid user credentials.  If I try log off and logon
as Administrator it finds server and fines admin user. When I try doing this
as user i get the error.  I already made the network user a local admin and
added her user name to local security (to help troubleshoot problem).
This is happening to two users both are using winXP.  On their old WinNT 4
Wkst it works fine.. It must be XP pro.  I checked connectivity to the
server (pinging. etc).  Both wksts and server and see each other.  I found
some registry hacks on MS Tech Net but none worked.

It seems that  logged on as user i cannot resolve the Exchange server so i
tried IP address... still no luck.  Any ideas.

Thanks in Advance.


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I've just added a couple of Win XP pro machines to my SBS
network, and they have developed a curious problem. When
a Win XP client tries to access the exchange server, the
event apparently times out and creates a dialog box
asking if the user wants to retry, open default folders
(desktop) or cancel. After an ave of 3 retrys, Outlook
connects with the server, downloads mail, and works fine.
However, the users are not amused at having to try to
access the server 2-4 times.

Additionally, The win XP clients can access other network
resources, shared folders etc. It doesnt happen with 9x
or 2k clients. All machines are up to date with Service
Packs--server, XP, 9x, 2K. It could be my imagination but
the XP machines SEEM to be running slower (network wise)
than the 2k machines

thanks 4 the help

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