Messages out to particular domains are failing with time expiration

Messages out to particular domains are failing with time expiration

Post by Derrick Hamilto » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hello all,

IMS queue has multiple messages that can't reach a particular domain.  I can
telnet in to port 25 on the MX for the domain, and get mail that way.  I can
send mail to domain from other Exchange servers.  But, I can not send mail
to this particular domain directly from this one machine.

Queue shows no helpful information when dblclking on the messages.  It is
not a destination host unreachable error.  It only shows the intended
recipients.  Mail clients are all of different types: Outlook, Exchange,

Messages are eventually returned to the sender from Admin saying:
A mail message was not sent because the maximum time for delivery has

Have contacted administrator of intended recipients and they are using
Exchange also.  They are getting messages from everyone else but us.

What am I missing here?



1. Messages with attachments fail to particular domain (sometimes)

I have a bizarre issue that I am hoping someone else has encountered
and can explain to me.

One of my users regularly encounters the following NDR message when
sending an email with an attachment to a particular domain:

   The recipient was unavailable to take delivery of the message
   The MTS-ID of the original message is: <snip>
   MSEXCH:IMS: <snip>3499 (000B09AA) Host unreachable

"Host unreachable"?!?  I can ping the domain, and I can even ping
their email server by name.  On top of that, messages without
attachments go through just fine.

The "recipient was unavailable" error is seemingly telling me that the
recipient's mailbox is over its size limit.  However, I can (usually)
send a message with the same attachment to the same recipient via
Hotmail without issue.  If I attempt to send the same message via
Outlook/Exchange, it almost always gets stuck in the IMS queue until
it times out and generates an NDR like the one above.  If the message
is being sent to multiple domains, it makes it to every domain
*except* the one in question, so it isn't simply an issue of a "bad
file" or a "bad message".

I have contacted the sysadmin at the receiving domain and he has
confirmed for me that he does not have any size restrictions set on
his mailboxes.  But how on earth could this issue be a problem on my

There has to be an obvious answer to this issue that I am overlooking.
Any input is greatly appreciated!
Ray Newman
Desktop/Network Specialist
Colonnade Properties, LLC

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