Mailbox usage stats

Mailbox usage stats

Post by Terr » Sat, 08 Feb 2003 05:57:04

Sorry wrong post earlier in IIS list.
Exchange 5.5, large student info store, daily backups,
backup account shows as latest user each day on accounts
until a user accesses their email box, trying to
determine who has not used their email yet and who has.
I am looking for a utility (or logging) that gives me
this type mail box usage data in a certain time period.
If anyone has seen or used a utility like this please let
me know. Thanks

1. mailbox usage stats?

I've seen this q asked and answered here before.  Thought
I sent it to myself, but can't find it now.
How can I track mailbox usage?  ie...accounts never logged
into, or not logged into for over a specified period of
Also, how can I track our mail throughput?  # messages
in/out per day, per minute?


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