Japanese build Windows won't communicate with Western build Exchange 5.5

Japanese build Windows won't communicate with Western build Exchange 5.5

Post by Snoo » Sat, 10 Nov 2001 00:24:22

An Exchange 5.5 server (Western build) has stopped accepting connections
from Japanese build machines. Where in the process of connection to the
server is the Japanese build machine failing? In tests the Japanese build
can connect to any other server in the Org apart from that one. It was
working until around the time someone applied Japanese language support
through Windows update. Western build Windows machines have no problems with
the server. The Japanese build machines fail to resolve the Check Name
command when setting up the account in Outlook. I have had different
translations of the error message from different people, the latest
mentioning unable to recognise 'code'.

Thanks for your time yet again.


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Does anyone know if this combination of applications will work correctly
together?  I'm planning on migrating our current server over to a new
machine with this configuration, and want to know if there are any gotchas I
should know about ahead of time.

Thanks in advance.

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