Send but not receive EMAIl Exchange 2000

Send but not receive EMAIl Exchange 2000

Post by Joshua Whit » Thu, 18 Jul 2002 04:17:12


Here's the situation.  We have 2 Exchange 2000 servers in 1 domain, but in 2
different sites or locations.  We have them connected via a DSL line going
over a Cisco PIX VPN to each other.  The main server is in Site 1 (call it
A) and the 2nd Server is in Site 2 (call it B).  Server A is the master
server and can receive external mail and receive intersite mail, if someone
from site B sends an email it sits in Server B's SMTP Queue.  If Server B
sends to the INTERNET then it goes out and is delivered.  Now if someone
tries to send an email to server B (site 2) then it sometimes sits in Server
A's queue and sometimes sits in Server B's queue.

My Question is I currently only have One routing group.  If I check the
"SMTP virtual server" from site B using system manager I get a yellow ? on
the icon.  If I go to the connections settings of site B will using the
system manager on site A then I get a RPC server not found error.

So the question is, what is wrong?  Site A (primary site) can receive
external email and intersite email, but not email from site B.  Site B can
send external email, but to my understanding cannot send intersite or
interorganization email.  Do you think it's a Routing problem or a bad
config on the PIX firewall?   Although it is going over a VPN.  Active
Directory seems to be fine.

Thanks in advance.

-Josh (desperate)


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