Some "troubles" with 5.5 SP1

Some "troubles" with 5.5 SP1

Post by Paul Laddi » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Did you have the system attendant and Directory services running when you
ran isinteg -patch ?

>I Installed the SP1 and curiously all my performance counter disapeared in
>the performance monitor, except for Microsoft ES .
>And therefore, the scripting agent looks quite fool !!! I make a simple
>script that fires messages for New and Modified item in a public folder.
>Just something like "Created" and "Modified" strings that prints in the
>So if I modify an item, then the "Created" strings fires !! Great thing,
>very usefull...

>I've also many troubles with the Backup / Restore. I've spend a whole day
>attempting to restore a backup on another server with the same Organization
>and site name (I've followed the documentation)
>You can believe it or not, but I was unable to do it ! Neither with the
>Backup, nor with an off-line backup. Each time I try the restore, the
>Information Store would not start and if I issue a Isinteg -patch command,
>get some funny messages telling me that
>DS_COMMUNICATION_PROBLEM, or db-file corrupted or not db-file and much
>pretty others.

>I think i've tried all the possible switches combination for Isinteg and

>Anyone could give help in Backup/Restore would be greatly appreciated


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