Generating reports

Generating reports

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Use crystal reports. It is available with Resource kit or the visit =
B Ghosh

 John Hamilton wrote in article =

Is there any way to get a list of mailboxes/distribution lists/etc from =
the exchange server?
John Hamilton

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I met a man that wasn't there.
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<BODY><FONT face=3DArial size=3D2>Use crystal reports. It is available =
with Resource=20
kit or the visit<BR>
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<HTML><BODY><FONT size=3D2>Is there any way to get a list of=20
mailboxes/distribution lists/etc from the exchange server?<BR>
John Hamilton<BR>

The other day upon the stair,<BR>
I met a man that wasn't there.<BR>
He wasn't there again today,<BR>
I wish, I wish he'd go away.<BR>



1. Generate Report from different LOG-Files

I have a really special problem and I hope one of you can help me very

I have do search for or develop a tool, that can generate one report out of
different kinds of LOG-files.

hese kind of LOG-files are:
    MS Exchange SMTP-log or sendmail log
    squid log
    nacctd log
    IIS NCSA log

The tool I'm searching for has to analyse these log-files and generate one
report out of it, if possible in HTML or PDF.

A few words, why I need such a tool:

We operate here at the location a computing centre for our parent
company. At this computing centre further subsidiaries are attached.
In order to make now an exact account over the developed traffic, we
need the analysis of these different log files, because the account has to
for each company, arranged according to user and service (Web, email,
VPN etc..).

The different log files are in addition also still on different
servers distributed. Everyone the log file types specified above is on
another server.

The different information, which service which user used and how much
traffic it produced thereby, are also only in the different log files
to find.

My target is it now to summarize all these data either in only one
report or in a database (esp. MySQL).

Now does one of you know a tool, which can complete this work for me? Or
does one of you have an idea, how one can implement relatively simply such a
tool? Perhaps one of you wrote already a similar Tool and can help me.

Or is it possible to install one sniffing-tool on the firewall, which logs
all the information I need (user (or internal host) -> service (web, email,
vpn) -> bytes send/recieved). At the moment the nacctd is running on our
firewall to report the vpn-traffic, but it is not possible to report the
other services, because only the internal host of our squid is showing in
these log-files.

Maybe I can modify the squid to send the users host to the firewall. In the
nacctd-log the ports of the connection is logged and so I can see, what
service is used.

Please help me, it is really important. Post your answer here in the
Newsgroup or send me a mail.

Thanks for all your help.

Michael Ruck

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