new a site connector

new a site connector

Post by Siegfried Jagot » Thu, 12 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Seems that you have the standard editon of Exchange Server 5.0! There isn't
a site connector in this version! Get the Enterprise Edition or but the
Exchange Site Connector! (Trial Version of EX5 only covers IMS and not the
site connector)
Siegfried Jagott
MVP Candidate

> I got a problem about new a site connector in Exchange Server 5.0.
> I have permision admin rights but can't see "site connector" item in
> menu?
> (In Exchange Server 4.0, that's ok )
> Not all subitems in "new other" appear. (I know that because of comparing
> with 4.0)



1. Connecting two sites - X400 connector vs Site connector

I need to set up an exchange server (5.5 Ent SR2 on server running NT4 SP5
as BDC) at a branch office and need to connect it to the exchange server in
our head office (5.5 Ent SR2 with IMS and ccmail connector on server running
NT4 SP5 as PDC).

The two sites are connected with a 24K frame relay link - nothing else than
mail traffic (and sync between nt-servers) will be transferred over this
link. The branch office will have 10 mailboxes, headoffice have got 25.
Server at branch office will use IMS and ccmail connector at headoffice.

What type of connector do I go for? Having read a lot about the issue I
understand that I will have to use the site connector OR the X400 connector.
Tried to set up a new site/server on the same LAN as the headoffice server
(just to test) - created one mailbox and configured the site connector, the
directory replication and the generation of offline address books without
problems, so this seems to be the easy way out, but.......

What are the advantages / disadvantages with the two different connectors?
Which one should I choose?

Any help / recommendations appreciated - thank you!



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