How to export new templates settings?

How to export new templates settings?

Post by Per Madse » Fri, 27 Oct 2000 22:34:13

I have modified the templates under Site/Configuration/Site
Addressing/Templates. Is it possible to export the new settings into a CSV
file or into an other fileformat? I want to have documentation for the new

Thanks in advance

Per Madsen


1. Exporting Template Info...?


I'm doing an MSMail to Exchange migration, and simply
need to know how to pry the MS Mail template info out,
into ANY form, so I can massage it into a CSV file,
for import to Exchange..
I know, I know.. There's a migration tool, but doesn't
it actually do EVERYTHING behind the scenes, including
creating mailboxes, and populating the template info..
--For reasons too complicated to express, I need to
do it myself -- I need to export the template info for
each user, and import it into Exchange via CSV...
Essentually, I need to put the Template info into
our Exchange site as a Custom Recipient, NOT as a mailbox,
which is what the migration tool will do..  
Can this be done?


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