Syn problem, archive problem, and smtp problem

Syn problem, archive problem, and smtp problem

Post by John » Wed, 09 Jan 2002 04:31:35

    I have three problems with my server.
1) Synchronization problem in the background during the inbox folder or sent
item folder for some clients, I know it is not the clients because it
happened to some of new installations of Outlook where nothing is wrong with
the client computer.

2) Can't move or archive some folders to pst because "some files are deleted
or corrupted".  Is there a way to fix this or to find out which item is
causing the problem?

3) Is there a way to stop people logging on the smtp server and send email
using a fake email address?  I can't turn on authorentication because that
will stop incoming email.

Any help will be appreciated!



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I'm trying to setup Exchange as a requester and MS mail as the Dirsyn
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