Newsfeed - posting outbound messages

Newsfeed - posting outbound messages

Post by David Mallet » Tue, 29 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have set up a newsfeed in ES 5.5 to point to the Demon news server,, which retrieves all incoming messages fine, but fails to
send outbound messages.

I get error 13069:

An error occurred during outbound trying to logon to remote host   Error = 0x80040115.

I also get error 13082 about 90s later:

Error 64 occurred trying to read/write to server

I don't think Demon require you to log on to their news server, so I am not
what the problem is.  I can post messages from Outlook Express.

Any ideas?

David Mallett.


1. a newbie: Outbound NNTP newsfeed resending all messages????

Hi there techno's a newbie question for you.

I've set up my exchange server with a inbound pull and outbound post NNTP
newsfeed (to and from

I've switched on the diagnostics logging ON to monitor what the thing is

Do I get it clear from the entries in the event viewer that *every* pulled
message is reposted to the original server (and getting the reply that the
server already knows it) ???

Or is it a configuration mistake on my part?

Please enlighten me

Wouter de Waard

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