Cannot Delete E-mails in Delete Mail Box

Cannot Delete E-mails in Delete Mail Box

Post by Hans J. Noehle » Wed, 06 Jun 2001 06:00:36

Using Exchange 5.5, reformatted my drives and used XMERGE to copy all mailbaoxes
back to system.  The problem is when a user has amased serveral e-mail in thier
delete bin, and when they exit Outlook, the message is are you sure you want to
Delete all message in you Delete file, by answering yes.  The server attempts to
delete those e-mails.  This runs for several minutes and then stops responding.  
The e-mails are not deleted from their folders.

This also happens when trying to copy group od e-mails from one folder to
another, it attempts the command then stops responding.

Has anyone had this happen and what is the fix for this?