Custom SMTP recipient NOT work?

Custom SMTP recipient NOT work?

Post by James netsof » Sat, 12 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello there,

We are able to email from Outlook 97 via Exchange 5.5 to internet mail
recipient if we type in the address or use one from the  Contact.  But we
cannot email to the same internet mail address if it is addressed from a
custom recipient for an Internet email on the Exchange server recipient.
The intended recipient does not recieve the mail, and the sender does not
recieve any NDR.

Anyone get any idea?  Appreciate any help.  Thanks.


1. Inbox Rules not working for Custom Recipients

We currently us Exchange Server 5 and have clients of
Outlook 2k and Exchange 5. We also have a folder in the
Public Folders area that stores all e-mail correspondence
with all e-mail address listed in our Custom Recipients
section. The Custom Recipients are all part of a
Distribution List.

The problem is that when we create an Inbox Rule on the
clients to copy any e-mails received from anyone in that
Distribution List, the rule will not work, i.e. no copy of
the email is sent to that particular folder.

Can anyone please help with any ideas to fix this, or is
it just not possible at all?


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