OWA Front End/Back End

OWA Front End/Back End

Post by jmessin » Tue, 14 May 2002 04:10:55

Have configured Exchange 2k Front End/BackEnd for owa. It
is working fine however i cannot get it to work on any
port but 80- I have tried leaving the backend at 80 and
changing the backend to the same port as the front end to
no avail.  Any suggestions?

1. Problem with Exchange2000 OWA Front-End / Back-End solution


I'm having some config problem with my Exchange2000 setup.
I'm trying to get my Exchange2000 system to work as an OWA
Front-End / Back-End solution through DMZ FireWall

I have an DomainController in the internal network that
has the GlobalCatalog (the first installd Win2k Server
with AD). This is the server that I want to run as Back-
End Exchange Server (It's the Echange 2000 Master Server).
The FireWall config is OK and the DCpromo on the server in
DMZ finished OK. The Exchange2000 installation om DMZ
server did also finished OK.

The problem is that I DO NOT HAVE any "Checkbox" in the
properties for the server that I want to run as an OWA
Front-End Server!

Please help me out on this!?

Best Regards

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