Seemingly random delivery delay of email

Seemingly random delivery delay of email

Post by Mark Howlet » Sat, 25 Oct 2003 05:11:13

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to reply to this message to see if this is still an issue for
you.  I have never heard of this problem before, so I will research it if
you need additional assistance with this problem.  

Mark Howlett, MCSE
Microsoft Exchange Support

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1. Seemingly random delivery delay of email

A newly installed Exchange 2000 + sp1 on win2k server
(all latest patches at time of posting).

We are connected to the internet via a dedicated line -
all connections go thru one machine with ISA server
installed.  Exchange 2k is installed on the same machine.

Typical example of the problem is using windows XP
professional + office XP connecting to the mail sever
using Outlook.

If the machine is left for a period of time (e.g. an
hour) without Outlook being used, new email sometimes
does not appear.  If I click on an existing email message
to view that, all the new mail suddenly appears as if
newly delivered.

Is there a setting within Exchange 2000 or Outlook to
stop this?

Thanks in advance.

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