Exchange 5.0 SP2 release notes question

Exchange 5.0 SP2 release notes question

Post by Paul Begle » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

The release notes for the Exchagne 5.0 SP2 reference a number of KB articles.  However, most of the KB articles I looked up are not
available on February TechNet or the

Any comments from Microsoft where I can find the KB's noted?  I am doing a justification for applying SP2 at a client site and
several of the KB article titles refer to problems we have had, but I won't know until I review the KB articles.


-Paul Begley


1. Release Notes - SP2

I want to be sure I read EVERYTHING before deploying SP2.

The MS web page says "read the release notes" and then gives a link to an
"addendum", which when pulled up looks like and is titled "Release Notes"

When I search the unzipped service pack, I do not see any "general" release
notes, just some for migrating Groupwise and other products.

Did I miss the "original" notes or do I have all the release notes I need ?



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