Exchange and Novell Passwords

Exchange and Novell Passwords

Post by Karen La » Tue, 24 Mar 1998 04:00:00


Recently, we have been experiencing some Exchange passwords.  What would
happen is the Domain would loose the user's password.  The only way we can
fix it, is to go to the server change the password and have them change the
password on their next login to Exchange.

Any suggestions to why or how to prevent this problem.

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For a class project we have build a system that is running Novell 5
and Exchange 2000.
The goal is to have the user only to have to sign on once from their
Windows 2000 pro clients machine. From what I understand you need to
sync the two set of passwords to accomplish this. Where do you go to
sync up the password? And once you have sync the passwords are there
anything else you have to do.

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