Mail delivery problems

Mail delivery problems

Post by James Burrage [MSFT » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 04:09:47

Hi Lorenzo,

Exchange makes a lot of calls to AD in order to deliver emails. If Exchange
is getting slow responses to requests, it is going to make mail backup in
the Local Delivery and Directory Lookup queues. If that machine was not
located on the same LAN, that I would move it to a seperate AD Site so that
Exchange doesn't try to use it again.

James Burrage
Microsoft Exchange Support

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Quote:> We have discovered a problem in which mail delivery is very slow.  Mail

would pile up in the Messages awaiting directory lookup Queue and stay there
for long periods of time.  The same goes for the Local Delivery Queue.  We
discovered that if we manually configured Directory Access to only use
certain DCs and GCs, the queues would clear out.  There was one DC that is
from a different domain in the forest but in the same AD site that we
removed from Directory Access.  Can anyone tell me why having a DC from
another domain in the same AD site cause mail delivery to slow down