Move Server Wizard (MSW) problems

Move Server Wizard (MSW) problems

Post by Arje » Fri, 25 Oct 2002 16:02:21

Hi Everybody,

While trying to merge one site in our organization to another (site A
in domain A has to join Site B in Domain B, both sites have only one
server) I encountered the following problem;

The move server wizard is busy with the installation of the new
directory database when I get the following error: "The service did
not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion
After this the move server wizard returns everything to the original

It looks like the Directory services service cannot be stopped by the
account that it assigns to the service.  I made sure that the account
that it wants to use has all the rights needed on the server.

Has anybody encountered this problem before? if so any hints on how I
can fix this?




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I need some insight....

Have a client that has merged with and bought many companies. Each is
running Exchange in its own Organization.

They have asked us to merge two organizations.  The organization that will
be the remaining one is a couple of states away.  They would like us to add
a server locally to that remote site and merge the people over onto the new
server (different site, new local server).

Would I use MSW or Exmerge? I know MSW is meant to move a WHOLE server into
the NEW site/organization. They want to move the server onto a new box that
is in the new site/organization.  I say the easiest way is to either use
exmerge or use MSW and move the server over and then use the move mailbox

Any ideas? Insights?


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